Electronic Claim Processing

11-04-2012 |

Processing medical claims constitutes the essence, yet the bottleneck in the work of every TPA and insurance Company.

Tria METIS provides TPA or insurance companies with:

  • Claim processing workflow designed to accommodate the company’s needs, business environment and available infrastructure
  • Highly customizable claim processing automation system 
  • Substantially reduced paper work

E-MC features

  • Fast and automatic claims distribution into batches that suits the company’s workflow and business logic (i.e. organize claims by provider, insurance company and claim audit result)
  • Seamless claim audit and documentation
  • Automatic claim settlement and payment voucher generation of clean claims
  • Store and view claim history
  • Smooth claims shipment tracking and storage access



  • Claim processing cost and time
  • Claim audit efforts
  • Required labor


  • Ability to process a higher number of claims at low cost

Leads to:

  • Solving claim processing bottleneck
  • Meeting deadlines with the insurance companies and the providers
  • Fast payments and high service provider satisfaction