Advanced Underwriting Capabilities

11-04-2012 |

A highly capable underwriting engine is the main building block of robust insurance system.

A robust engine allows the TPA or Insurance Company to:

  • Handle extremely complex coverage plans
  • Handle complex taxation policies , charges and administrative costs
  • Manage very simple and extremely complex insurance plans and policies
  • Robust rating engine, i.e. suggests premiums according to policies data history
  • Easily manages beneficiary applications
  • Allows the definition of simple and compound taxation policies, charges and rebates
  • Allows the definition of simple and compound benefits and Limits
  • Seamlessly handles large policies
  • Import Endorsement and renewal data from excel and csv formats
  • System assisted endorsement data check
  • Allows exclusions on one or multiple levels according to Medical cases, Services and Diagnoses
  • Plan Level
  • Policy Level
  • Insured Level
  • Geographic location level



  • Time required to handle large endorsements
  • Communication between TPA and Insurance companies


  • Effectiveness in claim processing