Electronic Third Party Administrator

The E-TPA has been originally built with the objective of being an enabler for TPA or insurance companies to further facilitate the automation of their workflow. However, it has surpassed the original expectations to become now a core element for the success and accomplishment of all TPA or insurance companies.

Building on the above, TriaMETIS invested in creating a unified team that combines the skills and expertise of “health care insurance experts” on one hand, and “software architects” on another to combine the merits of both fields. The mission is to create a TPA solution that integrates the learnings of the past, with the cutting edge technologies of today.

E-TPA has been designed to:

  • Provide analytical reports
  • Supervise business process
  • Increase effectiveness
  • Substantially reduce the cost
  • Accommodate sudden logic changes
  • Integrate seamlessly with 3rd party systems

On the business level E-TPA delivers the following:

  • Advanced  underwriting capabilities
  • Unconventional abuse detection and fraud control
  • Proficient Approval processing mechanism
  • Fast claim processing flow
  • Intelligent medical network management
  • Innovative monitoring and follow up tools

While a company can fully and solely rely on E-TPA, it can sometimes be difficult for a company to migrate from one system to another; E-TPA modules were designed as separate entities thus allowing customers to benefit from specific features instead of having to migrate their whole systems.

Advanced Underwriting Capabilities

A highly capable underwriting engine is the main building block of robust insurance system.


Electronic Claim Processing

Processing medical claims constitutes the essence, yet the bottleneck in the work of every TPA and insurance Company.


Electronic Smart Approvals

Fast, accurate and technology assisted approvals are the key to a successful TPA or insurance companies.


Intelligent Medical Network Administration

TPA or Insurance companies can only provide high quality of services through a wide spread, cooperative, reliable and robust medical network. E-TPA system allows TPA or Insurance companies to smoothly manage large as well as small medical networks.


System assisted risk management

A repetitive and tedious analysis of the company work is necessary to assess the risks and prevent disasters.